Shield of Faith Christian School


Shield of Faith Christian School-EHE offers:
a complete, well-rounded education for students from transitional kindergarten through 8th Grade.

Our focus is Christ centered instruction in an environment that encourages growth:  academically, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. (And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.  Luke 2:52)

Elementary school begins with transitional kindergarten and continues through fourth grade. Our focus is on core skills essential for successful language acquisition, a strong number sense, critical thinking, art, music and much more. Growth and excellence are stressed while maintaining an environment strongly centered in the love of Christ.

Middle school continues from the fifth through the eighth grade. This Christ-centered program is departmentalized, including student chosen electives and stresses academic growth and preparation for high school and beyond.

Home School Support:  Our home schooling support program provides academic support for students from 3rd through 8th grade.  Students are eligible to take on campus classes including physical education, elective choices (5th-8th grades), and participate in our after school sports programs.  

School Age Care: The School Age Care program offers a safe, structured  environment before and after regular school hours for our students in kindergarten through the eighth grade. Homework help, snacks, games and other fun activities are daily occurrences.

Intramural Sports:  In addition to regular physical education classes, students from the fourth grade and up are eligible to participate in our after school program.  These sports programs include flag football, volleyball, cross country, basketball, track and field, and soccer. We have been blessed to have highly qualified coaches train our students, bringing out the skills necessary to win.  Good Sportsmanship, unity and encouragement of others are among the positive traits that are fostered and encouraged among participants.

Summer Adventures Day Camp:  Each  summer we offer 11 weeks of a summer camp program designed to enhance and reinforce learning, while integrating activities such as field trips, swimming, STEAM programs, and sports clinics.