Shield of Faith Christian School


Shield of Faith is dedicated:
to providing an excellent, well-rounded, academic, and
Christian education

An integral part of attaining that goal, is through thoughtfully chosen curriculum, designed and implemented to provide a truly well-rounded, high quality Christian education to meet and  exceed California grade level standards.

Christian Instruction
“Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6

Christian Instruction is taught from a Lutheran theological perspective. Shield of Faith seeks to impart the Good News of Jesus Christ (John 3:16). School days begin with prayer, a devotional story and or a Bible lesson. In addition, a weekly chapel is held. Chapels are something that both students and staff look forward to. They are a time when the school comes together to sing, hear life applicable Bible lessons, and pray for each others’ needs. Lessons offer each student an opportunity to develop a closer relationship with the Lord and build lives which honor Him by demonstrating such character traits as the fruits of the spirit (Galatians 5:22-23: love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control).

Language Arts

At the heart of our language program is the use of The Spalding Method a scientifically-based approach to the teaching of Language Arts. It is truly a comprehensive total language arts program where all elements are integrated in daily spelling, writing, and reading lessons.

Instruction is explicit, systematic, multi-sensory and more. The Method is successful with all types of learners, even those who have some difficulties acquiring the English Language. Those instructed through the use of the Spalding Method become excellent readers, writers and spellers.


The essential element in our Math program is the use of the Saxon Math Curriculum. This curriculum has a loyal following due to its proven successes and track record. It is taught in an incremental fashion utilizing methods that provide for true mastery. Our students are provided ample time, opportunities to understand & practice lessons, review past concepts, and prepare for assessments. Mastery is our goal for each student, but more importantly, for each of them, to be prepared for their life's path.  Concepts, techniques, and the language of this rapidly expanding field of knowledge are considered. Sound research-supported approaches are applied.  Emphasis on critical thinking and problem solving are a part of our daily math instruction.

Social Studies

All students are taught in an age appropriate manner, various Social Studies skills such as geography, map skills, History, Civics, and more. Students are instructed in a way that shows relevance to the lives of people today. Methods used, help students to think critically: Compare and contrast, conceptualize, analyze, and evaluate information.

(Houghton Mifflin, Holt & Prentice-Hall)

Science and Health

Science and Health are taught according to age appropriateness. Skills are taught from a Christian world view. Student learning styles are considered so as to encourage different types of learners. Emphasis on the scientific method, observable lab models, and the use of reason are encouraged (an inquiry-based model).  Evolution is taught as a theory with an emphasis on creation and science through the perspective of Intelligent Design.  Students participate in discussions, hands-on activities, and problem solving with creative solutions to develop higher levels of cognition.

(A Reason For Science®, CPH Discovery & CSI, Prentice Hall.)

Physical Education

At Shield of Faith, we provide a comprehensive Physical Education program which includes varied games, cooperative activities, and health and fitness education aimed at developing a lifelong habit of fitness. Good sportsmanship, teamwork, valuing others' talents and gifts, encouragement of peers and personal responsibility are some of the traits that are highly valued and expected.

The Arts

While many schools are cutting back on the arts, Shield of Faith continues to value and promote art education.  We wish to actively engage, motivate and instill a desire to take part in the creative process.  Students benefit from using their God given gifts and talents in visual, musical, dramatics and other forms of artistic expression. Students learn about varied styles and media types in visual arts such as: realistic, landscapes, portrait, mosaic, sculpture, charcoal, pastel, water colors and oil. All students participate in musical and dramatic performances in which families, friends and the community are invited to attend. Field trips to museums and plays are common as we strive as a school community to grow artistically.


We recognize the importance of technology in the classroom and the marketplace. As a result, we are dedicated to enhancing technology education by providing relevant, useful technologies for both students and staff members. The active use of computers to research and create is common place.  We are currently and actively working on updating our computers and are examining which technologies would be best suited to both the education of our students, and the preparation for a future where the mastery of various technologies will likely be a necessity.